Form 7-Originating Summons

Form 7-Originating Summons

Form 7.

O.4, r.27


(Hearing to be appointed)

(heading as in Form 1 or Form 3)

The plaintiff claims -

(state the relief claimed in the manner indicated in the form of originating summons Form 6).

(Where there is a defendant, add the following -

To the defendant:

You are liable to suffer judgement or an order against you unless the prescribed form of intention to defend this claim is received in the Registry within (30) days after service of this summons on you.)

Plaintiff: (name, address and occupation) (a minor)

(Next friend: (name, address and occupation))

Solicitor: (name, address and telephone number)

Solicitor's agent: (name, address and telephone number)

Plaintiff's address for service: (Order 6 Rule 7)

Address of Registry:

(Where there is a defendant, add the following -

Note: The defendant(s) may give notice of his (their) intention to defend in person or by a solicitor either -

(1) by filing it in the appropriate form, duly completed, at the Registry; or

(2) by sending it to that office by post.)

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