Form 92-Citation to take Probation

Form 92-Citation to take Probation

Form 92.

O.19, r.51


In the National Court of Justice at . . . Papua New Guinea

Estate of (name) late . . . of . . . (place) labourer

To (name)

This citation is issued at the request of . . . (name) of . . . (address) labourer who has filed in the Court an affidavit by him stating that-

1. (name) . . . late of . . . (place) labourer died at . . . (place) . . . on . . . (date);

2. He believes that the deceased left a will, a copy of which is annexed and marked\ A, which appoints you the executor (or one of the executors) of it;

3. He is a beneficiary under the will (or where applicable) he is (state relationship to the deceased) of the deceased (or where applicable he is a creditor of the deceased).

You are cited to take probate of the will. If you wish to comply with this citation you must-

1. Within 14 days after service on you of this citation (or if this citation is served\ on you outside Papua New Guinea within 3 months after service of it on you) file in the Registry of this Court an answer stating that you intend to apply to this Court for a grant to you of probate of the will; and

2. With reasonable promptness commence proceedings in this Court for a grant to\ you of probate of the will and pursue those proceedings diligently.

If you do not comply with this citation your right in respect of the executorship shall wholly cease, and the representation to the deceased and the administration of his estate shall, without any further renunciation, go, devolve, and be committed in like manner as if you had not been appointed executor.

Dated: (date)

By . . . the . . . Court


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