Form 82-Administration Bond

Form 82-Administration Bond

Form 82.

O.19, rr. 25, 26, 33


(As to heading, see O.19, r.3.)

We (state the name, address and occupation of the proposed administrator and of each surety to the bond) jointly and severally covenant to pay to The State K . . . (penalty of bond) if administration of the estate of . . . (name) late of . . . (place) labourer deceased is granted by the National Court of Justice to the said (name of proposed administrator) and any one or more of the following occurs, namely:

1. He does not collect, get in and administer the estate according to law;

2. He does not pay out of the estate the just debts of the deceased;

3. He prefers any debt of the deceased to him;

4. He does not file or file and pass his accounts relating to the estate within 12 months after the grant and whenever ordered to do so by the Court.

Dated: . . . (date)

Signed sealed and delivered etc.

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