Form 15-Notice of intention to defend

Form 15-Notice of intention to defend

Form 15.

O.7, r.4


(heading as in Form 1 or Form 3)

HAREA AVO of (address) (occupation) intends to defend this action (originating summons).

(He is a partner in the defendant firm.)

(He is a minor (mentally disordered person); his guardian at law is KORA AVO.)

(Where a defendant wishes to make a request under Order 7 Rule 5(3) add:

The Registrar is requested to deal with the copy (two copies) of this notice under

Order 7\ Rule 5(3).)

(Add other notices, for example, under Order 8 Rule 43, relating to notice for pleadings.)

Solicitor: (name)\ (address)\ telephone: (number)

Solicitor's agent: (name)\ (address)\ telephone: (number)

Address for service: (the office of his solicitor, or as the case may be: see Order 6 Rule 7.

(Follow the prescribed form of conclusion of documents for use by a party, Form 4.)

(This notice may be added to a notice of motion of a person applying to be added as a defendant, for example, under Order 5 Rule 8(3).)

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