Form 66-Notice of Appeal

Form 66-Notice of Appeal

Form 66.

O.18, r.2

(heading as in Form 1 or Form 3)


The above-named appellant being aggrieved by a decision of a Local Court hereby appeals from that decision to the National Court.

1. The decision appealed against is the (decision/order/sentence) of the Local Court held at . . . (place) given on . . . (date) whereby (set out).

2. The appellant appeals against the whole of the decision (that part of the decision whereby (set out)).

3. The grounds relied on in support of the appeal are (set out).

4. The order which the appellant seeks in lieu of the decision appealed from is (set out).

5. The full names and addresses of the appellant and respondent respectively are:

(a) . . . (name and address) Appellant

(b) . . . (name and address) Respondent

6. The appellant's solicitor is . . . (name and address) whose telephone number is . . . (set out).

Dated the . . . day of . . . 20...

Appellant or

Appellant's Solicitor(s)

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