Form 59-Notice of Claim

Form 59-Notice of Claim

Form 59.

O.13, r.36

(Heading and title if possible.)


The claimant claims the property described in the schedule, being (part of) the property taken (intended to be taken) in execution by the Sheriff at . . . (address) under process against . . . (name).



Dated . . . , 20...


Claimant's Solicitor

Claimant: . . . (name)

Place of abode:

Address for service:

To the execution creditor:

If you do not, within (4) days after service of this notice on you, serve on the Sheriff a notice that you admit this claim, the Court may on application by the Sheriff grant relief by way of interpleader.

If you admit the claim, you will not be liable to the Sheriff for any fees or expenses incurred by him after you serve on him notice that you admit it.



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