Form 63-Deed Particulars

Form 63-Deed Particulars

Form 63.

O.14, r.18



1. Date: . . . , 20...

2. Receiver: . . . (name)\ (address for service)

3. Guarantor: . . . (name)\ (address for service)

4. Date of order for appointment of Receiver: . . . , 20. . . .

THIS DEED made between the Guarantor and the Registrar of the National Court of Justice witnesses that the Guarantor promises the Registrar that if the Receiver does not account to the Court for what he receives as Receiver or does not deal with what he receives as Receiver as the Court directs the Guarantor will pay to the Registrar whatever is required to make good the default to a limit of K . . .

Signed (and so on).

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