Form 45-Summons to give Evidence

Form 45-Summons to give Evidence

Form 45.

O.11, r.2


To (name)


THE COURT ORDERS that you shall attend for the purpose of giving evidence-

(a) before (the Court or as the case may be);

(b) at (address of Court or place);

(c) on . . . , 20..., at . . . a.m./p.m. and until you are excused from further attending;

but you need not attend on any day unless reasonable expenses have been paid or tendered to you.

Dated . . . , 20... By the Court

(Signature and description of Officer of the Court)

Note: If you do not comply with this summons you may be arrested. Issued at the request of . . . (name), the plaintiff s solicitor (or as the case may be).

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