Form 123-Order of Committal

Form 123-Order of Committal

Form 123.

O.17, r.8



(Heading as in action)

On motion this day made unto this Court by counsel for the plaintiff and on reading (an affidavit of . . . filed the . . . day of . . . 20..., of service on the defendant C.D. of a copy of the order of the Court dated the . . . day of . . . 20..., and of notice of this motion):

And it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that the defendant C.D. has been guilty of contempt of court in (state the contempt):

It is ordered that for his said contempt the defendant do stand committed to . . . Corrective Institution to be there imprisoned (until further order).

It is further ordered that this order shall not be executed if the defendant C.D. complies with the following terms, namely, . . .

Dated the . . . day of . . . 20...

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